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Free WordPress Security Pro Available

Free WordPress Security Pro Available

Hillsboro, Oregon. July 31, 2015 -. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is pleased to announce free WordPress security at no extra cost to their clients. This is part of their effort to enhance security and minimize exploits. iThemes Security Pro for WordPress provides solid security and user-friendliness people have come to expect from WordPress. WordPress updates still need to be carried out, however, but simple updates alone are not enough for a solid security solution for WordPress users.


WordPress security costs


Due to security costs alone, it can be a small hurdle for many website owners to implement. Cost is a big enough factor for many that several WordPress sites alarmingly remain vulnerable. Therefore Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is now providing free WordPress security for all clients running WordPress which is an $80 value.

WordPress has continued to gain in popularity due to its user-friendliness and many customization options. A concern for more experienced hosting providers and webmasters has been with WordPress security. Furthermore, too many out-dated plugins, themes, and alterations to the code has resulted in several exploits and vulnerabilities. This, unfortunately, also raises warning signs that WordPress is insecure.

Furthermore, according to a report from Software Advice, 66% of businesses are afraid that they could become victims of cybercrime.


WordPress popularity


WordPress powers about 29% of the internet according to and that number is also steadily rising. In-house provided security simply is not enough. Third-party security scanning offers confirmation of security scanning, defending against malicious attacks and strong security habits for all WordPress users confirmed by an outside service. Along with Sitelock and Total Security Packages, Hosting And Designs L.L.C. hopes to provide strong security for all customers at zero or minimal annual costs.

Part of Hosting And Designs L.L.C.’s value-added managed services are free WordPress security and backups at no additional cost to any VPS or dedicated server client.

Security need not be expensive, difficult to implement or maintain.

For more information, please visit:

About Hosting And Designs L.L.C.

Hosting And Designs L.LC. has been in business since 2002
Dedicated server configurations are Dell PowerEdge servers. They are located on the East Coast of the USA in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and a first-class Datacenter in St.Louis Missouri
Virtual Private Servers come with optional free WordPress designs from ElegentThemes and free WordPress security from iThemes Security Pro. Other services include custom WordPress design, logo design, security services, server hardening and domain name registration.

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