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New Oregon Based WordPress Design Services

New Oregon Based WordPress Design Services

According to WordPress powers 29% of the internet.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management software tools available on the Internet today. It’s ease of use and plug-ins make WordPress an attractive option for Oregon businesses who need to get online. Furthermore, there are many web designers available offering customized WordPress designs which include Oregon based WordPress design services. Web designs are available for any type of Oregon business and without requiring web designing skills or programming knowledge.

wordpress design serviceOne of the most popular WordPress design companies is who offer a collection of designs called “themes” that can be uploaded to a WordPress installation and used to design a highly customized website. WordPress sites are no longer just blogs. They are fully functional websites with all the bells and whistles, any webmaster would want or need.

Hosting And Designs L.L.C. offers’s designs due to their great designs and plug-ins which customize WordPress designs even more. The user-friendliness of each design and the inclusion of their “epanel” makes web designing easy, professional and simple to navigate. Oregon based WordPress design services are still a popular choice for Oregon firms who want the design work done for them.


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Clients can choose to install these designs themselves or have them installed, configured and designed by Hosting And Designs L.L.C. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is an Oregon based WordPress design services company. Either way, it is an easy and very affordable solution for an Oregon business to get online. as long as WordPress security updates are taken care of promptly. Update your WordPress site when there is a vulnerability.  An unsecured WordPress site is a vulnerable site and open to attacks. (There is the option to enable automatic WordPress updates.)

Especially relevant, the several plug-ins available include a social sharing feature called Monarch. Monarch hovers out of the way but is still noticeable and helps in increasing social likes and shares.

page_builder_pluginA drag-and-drop page editor; Elegant Page Builder that makes page creating, layouts and editing a snap with advanced features.

Maintenance mode plugin which creates a “coming soon” notice on the front page of any website under development.

There is even a plug-in for those designs that are not mobile friendly making them responsive to changing screen resolutions and screen sizes. As smartphones and tablets become ever more involved in people’s lives, mobile-friendly website design is crucial. WordPress makes website design possible to everyone and customization is a snap, especially with drag-and-drop editing and easy social media sharing tools.

Finally, E-Commerce sites also have a few options available to them such as WooCommerce and Shopify. This provides credit card processing and PayPal payments.

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