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Plesk Web Admin For Free

Plesk Web Admin For Free

Hosting And Designs L.LC. is pleased to announce Plesk Web Admin for free developed by Odin. Plesk Web Admin is now included with all Tier 1 dedicated servers.

Administering a server or VPS with a Web-based control panel is:

  • User-friendly
  • Less time consuming
  • Easy to manage

Why We Offer Plesk Web Admin For Free

Plesk Web Admin offers an attractive, easy to use Graphical User Interface. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. does not believe these essential hosting features should come at an added cost. Plesk Web Admin for free should not be hard to find in web hosting but unfortunately is the case. Offering Plesk Web Admin for free is a popular choice for their clients and one they hope to continue for as long as demand is there.

Included with the Plesk Web Admin is a plethora of basic to advanced administrative features:

  • Security and database management
  • Automated tasks and backups
  • Email administration and spam monitoring
  • Account creation and administration

The Web admin version is easily upgradable to the Web Host edition. This version provides support for multiple clients and reseller management for web hosting providers. All versions, however, come with basic essential security by Atomicorp and CloudFlare as well as outbound anti-spam monitoring. More advanced security features provided by the same previously mentioned services are also easily upgradeable.

Vital Tools for Server Administration


Web-based control panels such as Plesk are becoming ever more popular. They are an important tool for account management. Therefore, Hosting And Designs L.L.C. has chosen to provide the Plesk “Web Business Builder” for its excellent feature list, great value, and ease of use. Many users will be more than content with the features available in the Web Admin edition. However, there are upgradeable options, should the user need something more specific to their particular needs, such as for the shared hosting market.

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