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Report on Traffic Attack Patterns

Report on Traffic Attack Patterns

Akamai attack patterns on dedicated servers











Traffic Attack Patterns

Akamai Technologies, Inc. has released their quarterly “State of the Internet” report on traffic attack patterns and figures along with broadband adoption and mobile connectivity.

It is interesting that China is still at the top of the Top Ten list of traffic attack patterns. The United States and Russia are second and third, respectively. These countries also have a more Internet-connected infrastructure; dedicated servers, routers, switches, data centers etc. than sixth place Brazil and seventh place Romania which both account for 6.5% total attack traffic. China has a whopping 33% of originating attack traffic while the United States comes in (a distant) second at 13%.

The ports that were used for various attacks were mostly 445; Microsoft-Directory Services (so Windows 2000 Operating System and newer) along with Microsoft SQL Server (1433) and Microsoft Terminal Services (3389). On average the connection speeds in China are at only 1.6Mbps with a peak connection speed of just over 7Mbps.


Internet Connection Speeds


Internet connection speeds are also still much faster in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong having 9Mbps speeds or greater. All three countries also had peak connection speeds of over 40Mbps. Several European and Scandinavian countries had 6Mbps or greater speeds while the United States had over 7Mbps. Some of the States within America that had the fastest connection speeds were:

  1. Delaware
  2. Washington D.C.,
  3. Utah
  4. Virginia
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Massachusetts

Figures ranged from above 8Mbps to over 10Mbps. New York had the 9th fastest peak connection speed of 43.0Mbps.


Average Internet connection speeds have increased worldwide by 36 percent according to Akamai. Scandinavia is in the top 20 and Denmark usually coming out on top of the Scandinavian countries in several other statistics such as percentage above 4Mbps and 10Mbps speeds and peak connection speeds etc.


Internet speeds and connections are also being utilized by smartphones more than ever as each quarter the amount of data used by these devices increases about 50 Petabytes per month according to Ericsson. This is also why websites and online businesses need to implement mobile-friendly web design. This will reach more visitors and potential buyers. Most data was used for web browsing and email.



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