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Social Media Advertising Increasing

Social Media Advertising Increasing

Nielsen Social Media.
According to Vizu (a Nielsen company), social media advertising along with “traditional” online advertising is increasing. Companies advertise over 60% of the time via social media when running an advertising campaign online, or via online video, and/or mobile devices. It is interesting to note, however, that these companies are mostly using social media to increase branding instead of direct sales and leads response. Larger companies tend to utilize branding as a means of creating awareness and influence rather than smaller or sole proprietor businesses that tend to be looking for more direct and hopefully quicker results.

However, according to the Nielsen report, this does not mean that those companies engaged in branding are not expecting metrics that are consistent with their other advertising campaigns which include an eventual increase in sales.


Something to consider

The Social Media Report from Nielsen indicates that 33% of ads that were seen on social networking sites were considered an annoyance compared to other online advertisements. But, more social media users would pay attention to an ad that was posted by one of their acquaintances. An ad that is “liked” is a great way to raise a brand’s visibility.

 50% of users will tend to express their experiences with a brand or company, either good or bad.

Make sure your website is designed for the smartphone. At least 33% of mobile users use cell phones for accessing social sites with the Asia-Pacific region reaching nearly 60%. Tablets are still way down the list compared to mobile phones. Computers and laptops are used by over 90% of social users globally.


Nielsen is a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

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