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Social Media Percentages

Social Media Percentages


4.2  The total number of hours senior executives and decision makers spend time on social media on a daily basis which is 40 percent more time than those that are not in such positions.

(Source: Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange)


Twitter statisticPercentage of Twitter users who mainly access Twitter on their mobile devices and are most likely to remember seeing an ad on the social media network than averages users on Twitter.

(Source: Twitter, 2013)

30 Minutes. The total number of time in minutes it can take for a company or brand’s posting to get half of the reach on Facebook

(Source: Socialbakers Nov. 2012) 


Twitter and Facebook complaints

This is the number in percentage that users on social media; Twitter and Facebook who complain about brands and will expect a response from the company within 1 hour.

(Source: American Express, 2012) 


iAcquire and Survey Monkey

Percentage of  social media users who are influenced by Likes and Google +1s.

(Source: iAcquire and Survey Monkey, 2013)


Facebook lead generation

Share of marketing companies who feel Facebook is vital to their overall lead generating strategies.

(Source: State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report by HubSport)





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