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Windows Server 2016 Dedicated Server Provider

Windows Server 2016 Dedicated Server Provider

Windows Server 2016 dedicated server providerAs a Windows Server 2016 Dedicated Server Provider, we offer this Operating System on most of our dedicated servers. It is our second most requested OS for our dedicated servers. It is recommended to not order 2003 edition unless you have specific software that can only run on 2003, but this is very unusual. When Hosting And Designs L.L.C. sets up servers we install Windows Server 2016 for security, reliability and stability reasons.

Windows 2016 OS requires more system resources than Linux/Unix along with memory and CPU speed. We highly recommend a server running with at least 1GB RAM and 2Ghz dual-core processor. It is also important to note, that Windows Web Edition and Standard 32Bit 2003/2008 has a limit on the amount of RAM that can be utilized, which is 3.6GB’s (again, on the 32 Bit version.)  We install Windows Server 2016 if you require more RAM. There are licensing fees associated with this OS which start at $25 per month for Windows Server 2016 Standard.

Windows 2008 Web edition: (end of life)

Microsoft Windows Web Edition 2008 is a ‘simplified version” of Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard. It does not include Terminal Services, Active Directory Management and cannot be used to deploy Microsoft SQL Server except for SQL Server Express Edition. It is, however, a very effective OS for ASP.NET services, deploying web pages/sites, web applications and web services and has a $10 per month lower monthly cost. For non-web serving applications please consider Windows 2008 Standard. For more information please go here.

Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition

This Operating System is more of a “full-featured” OS that supports Hyper-V virtualization technology and is able to run and install all versions of SQL Server with no limitations as well as run Terminal Server, Network Access Protection, Remote Desktop Connection etc. As a Windows Server 2016 dedicated server provider, offers the latest in Windows Server Operating Systems.

For more information and comparisons please go here.

How do I get Windows Server 2016 Edition?

     A Windows Server 2016 dedicated server provider such as Hosting And Designs L.L.C. will install the Operating System you choose along with any optional web-based control panel software such as Plesk or WebSitePanel for you after you specify if you want Windows 32 or 64 Bit installed.

     We offer dual core and quad cores servers running Microsoft Windows 2016 up to 64GB RAM, 4TB SATA drives. All 100Mbps ports can be upgraded to 1Gbps ports if need be. All Windows dedicated servers come with 10GB off-server backups free of charge.

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