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WordPress is the Most Popular Website Builder

WordPress is the Most Popular Website Builder


WordPress is the most popular website builder and has been for some time now. People like an open system supported by a large community of developers, designers, and user experience experts.  As its popularity keeps growing there is more support for:

  • WordPress hosting
  • Plugins
  • Website design services


There are several more reasons why WordPress is the most popular website builder, however.


WordPress is Easy to Use


One of the biggest reasons is simply its ease of use. Learn the basics regarding pages and posts, then go from there and create more elaborate designs. WordPress templates or themes (some free) make this easier. Getting setup is fast and easy. WordPress itself is free with simple “1-click” installations provided via web hosting providers.

The interface is user-friendly and users can manage their pages and posts to their heart’s content. They can add text and images themselves or leave it to a WordPress design service to manage everything. Usually, the more the user does the lower the cost and faster things get done. This way users don’t have to wait for the hosting provider or designer to fulfill user requests. This is not an issue unless time is of the essence and the site needs constant and quick updating or fixes. Some users can be concerned they might “break” something and wish to just leave it to the provider.


WordPress is Highly Customizable


WordPress is also highly customizable with a lot of support in design work, plugins, web hosting, and the design community.  A plugin can provide a specific feature required for a particular website. Any web hosting provider should be supporting WordPress so the price range will be within everyone’s budget from bare-bones hosting to fully managed WordPress hosting and designs. Other proprietary design services that offer all-in-one solutions will not allow the user to move to any other hosting service. This is because other hosting companies don’t support it.

Unlike WordPress, proprietary design software prevents;

  1. competitive pricing
  2. flexible and custom professional design
  3. the option to move to any other provider should the need arise

Not only is WordPress popular with web hosts but it also enjoys the enormous support from the community. This includes an abundance of information from forums and experts as well as many tutorials that include videos. Even if clients choose for the web designer to manage the design part of a project they can still manage certain parts of the site. The learning curve of WordPress is not that steep.

It should also be noted that there are several very popular companies that use WordPress of which can all be found here: These sites should make most assume that WordPress is a safe and fast if kept up to date and secure.


Securing WordPress  Easily


Security is one feature that too often becomes neglected and results in WordPress sites becoming infected. This will include:

  • malware, from free themes that are intentionally infected
  • plugins that are from unknown publishers
  • WordPress itself discovering vulnerabilities and issuing updates but are not updated by the host or user.

Plugins can gain a lot of access to a site that will provide an easy opportunity for a hacker. A useful site for WordPress security is

WordPress is the most popular website builder, but that means there will be more users not securing their site.  This does not mean WordPress is not secure. It means users and WordPress hosts are not securing sites like they should.

Some may also still believe that WordPress is a blog-only CMS. But with the plethora of beautiful designs and customization now available it will many times be difficult to distinguish between a WordPress site and another site built using something else entirely.


Mobile and SEO Friendly


Many WordPress themes are designed with mobile device screen resolutions in mind. They are automatically able to adjust the website’s design in real-time as it detects different screen resolutions. The user can see the design of the website change automatically even while changing the internet browser window size on a desktop computer. A similar thing happens on a mobile device which has less screen real estate.

WordPress is also very search engine friendly. This is especially true when using basic Search Engine Optimization. There is even a popular SEO plugin called Yoast to help with this.


WordPress is the Most Popular Website Builder


In many cases, however, users just want easily manage a website that they or the host can run, design and secure and if that happens to be WordPress then that works for them. As of November 2017, WordPress powers, 29% of the internet with over 50,000 sites added using WordPress alone. That should mean WordPress is doing something right.

WordPress is the most popular website builder because it is so customizable, secure, mobile and SEO friendly running on an open system.

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