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WordPress Password Tool; Clef

WordPress Password Tool; Clef

Instead of having to remember passwords for all your WordPress sites all the time, there is a handy new tool available that actually lets you forget your passwords. It involves using your smartphone and your WordPress sites(s) to gain access. You simply scan a “Clef code” with an app you install on your smartphone and you are instantly logged in.

Once signed in to a single WordPress site, you are basically signed in to all your other WordPress sites on your dedicated server or hosting provider making login a snap and avoids having to remember logins for all those WordPress sites.

The phone’s hardware is also able to use very secure cryptography which is far more secure and harder to crack than usernames and passwords. The Clef app works on iPhones and Android smartphones. You simply download the plugin from within WordPress and upload to the wpclef directory. Clef for WordPress has a simple setup wizard to get you up and running with very secure logins. Don’t forget to create a Clef account on your cell phone as well.

Their website is located here: and the plugin and app seem to have very good reviews.

Clef is a free app at the time of this writing so give it a try today and see if it makes things easier for you. Clef is available to download here:

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