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DDoS Protecting Hosting - Stop Destructive Attacks

Hosting and Designs Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection - Cisco® Anomaly Guard Module

     Providing DDoS hosting solutions with the Cisco® Anomaly Guard Module is an integrated services module for Cisco routers that delivers a powerful and extensive solution for defending dedicated servers against massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 

     Today's DDoS attacks are more destructive and focused than ever. These attacks can easily elude and overwhelm the most common Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection - Cisco® Anomaly Guard Module defenses. Composed of requests that appear legitimate, massive numbers of "zombie" sources, and spoofed identities that make it virtually impossible to identify and block these malicious flows, DDoS attacks paralyze dedicated servers and prevent them from conducting business, resulting in lost customers and transactions along with possibly damaged online reputations.
     The DDos hosting solution - Cisco Anomaly Guard Module, defends against all types of DDoS attacks, enabling dedicated servers to identify and block malicious traffic without compromising their mission-critical and revenue-bearing operations.

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You may also order these security features while ordering your dedicated server.

Critical and Effective Web Server Protection Solutions With Cisco Anomaly Guard Module

CISCOtm DDoS Guard (Network Level):
Included with ALL dedicated servers

     Provides basic protection from a wide range of DDoS attacks for your server:

HTTP Get Flood attacks
Domain Name System (DNS) attacks
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) voice over IP (VoIP) attacks
TCP- (syns, syn-acks, acks, fins, fragments)
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) attacks (random port floods, fragments)


Network level - DDoS protected web hosting is tuned to the Data Center's overall traffic flow and patterns providing general protection against a variety of attacks. Is included in all dedicated server offerings.

Recommended for non mission critical websites and  businesses or who have no history of DDoS attacks in the past.

CISCOtm DDoS Guard (Server Level):
$49 per month

     Includes everything from DDoS Guard Network Level protection and:

Spoofed and non-spoofed attacks 
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) attacks (random port floods, fragments)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) attacks (unreachable, echo, fragments)
Client attacks
Inactive and total connections attacks
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) attacks
Can operate in continuous learning and protection mode (Switches between learning and protection modes automatically)



Server Level - DDoS protected web hosting is a more stringent and customized DDoS protected hosting service offered by the Hosting and Designs L.L.C. Data Center. Dedicated server Level DDoS protection is fine tuned to your business or website's needs and traffic patterns. Our engineers will develop a custom traffic profile allowing the CISCO DDoS Guard® to provide security and protection to run your dedicated server's daily tasks.

Recommended for mission critical websites and businesses who are at risk of DDoS attacks or cannot take the risk of not having an online presence to conduct e-commerce and/or provide their online services.

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You may also order these security features while ordering your server.

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Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection - Cisco® Anomaly Guard Module

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Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection - Cisco Anomaly Guard Module®

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