We provide dedicated servers with DDoS protection from CISCO.


  • We offer two levels; a Network Level that offers general DDoS protection and DDoS protection for dedicated servers that are not being directly attacked but are on the same rack, thus unfortunately affecting all servers at some level. With the DDoS Network Level protection provided free for all dedicated servers, your  server will not be affected even if you are on the same rack or even the same data center. DDoS protection is provided for Linux/Unix based dedicated servers and also Windows OS servers. The Cisco DDoS  hardware works with all servers regardless of the Operating System.
  • For those customers that have had DDoS attacks in the past or are at high risk of attacks, we highly recommend the Cisco DDoS Guard at the Server Level providing you with maximum protection. DDoS protection hardware can be ordered at any time and is now available for just $49 per month. For more specific details on our DDoS hardware please go here.

Please contact us if you require more information regarding our dedicated servers with DDoS protection or simply require more information about our security services.

More About Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks; DDoS, are not new and they are still occurring, becoming a favorite attack method of many groups so it is in the best interest of any online organization to have some form of DDoS protection in place. DDoS attacks simply result in a large number of computers (or other servers) bombarding a targeted dedicated server with requests causing the machine to be become overloaded. This results in the targeted server unable to stay online or use an extreme amount of resources resulting in at best, sluggish performance or simply becoming unresponsive.

DDoS attacks can result in significant loss of revenue, large bandwidth bills and even customer churn. Usually, the higher value clients have the lowest amount of acceptance for any sluggish performance or outages. In some extreme cases, a hosting provider will terminate an account if it deems the ongoing DDoS attacks are a threat to the whole hosting provider’s network if there are no dedicated servers with DDoS protection in place.


  • So if you know you will require more DDoS protection at the time of placing your order you may upgrade to our Server Level protection. If you are unsure you can still order protection at any time. However, please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the hardware to learn your traffic patterns before it can begin stopping attacks and letting legitimate traffic and requests through. This will be something to consider especially if you suddenly experience an attack and need a solution  setup quickly. We will always treat DDoS hardware request as one of our priorities for hardware setups, installations and configurations. 
  • There are also software solutions for thwarting attempted attacks, but it has been proven that for DDoS related attacks it is much better to use hardware as software has proven to be not very affective compared to a hardware solution.  You can always contact our technical support for assistance or advice on what is the best plan of action regarding any threats to your dedicated server.