Our low cost (aka cheap!) dedicated servers are all located in an east coast data center. All of our cheap :-) dedicated servers come with 100Mbps uplink ports that can be upgraded in several ways. We offer unlimited traffic for all servers where the only limit is the port that it used on your dedicated server. We offer up to 1Gbps ports for any server at an added cost as well as the unmetered monthly traffic. Contact sales if you would like a quote on the monthly cost of these upgrades. Please also note, that in most cases we will need to move your server to a new location within the data center to setup your faster connection as we do not only upgrade the physical port on the dedicated server.

If you require dedicated server traffic monitoring our techs can provide this to you with a quick installation of traffic software such as MRTG graphs available here. Our techs at the data center can also manually check your monthly traffic if you wish, however, we strongly recommend installed software for this. If you are using a web based control panel such as Cpanel  for example, this would already be installed for you.

We offer two types of bandwidth or traffic upgrades for any serverunlimited guaranteed and unlimited best effort basis. The guaranteed is more costly and the latter is more for those who want the lowest and best price possible and never have to worry about traffic charges or sudden drops in traffic as the server nears it’s monthly or even daily allotted amount in traffic. The best effort basis upgrade is also useful for unforeseen spikes in traffic. Both traffic upgrades also provide the same quality bandwidth and latency.

Please note that upgrading traffic to combat or fight agains any DDoS attacks will not be a viable solution as the traffic will simply increase to max out any port upgrade or traffic upgrade. It is strongly recommended to look into our DDoS protection services and hardware for this specific attack. We do also provide some basic port scanning via our own software security services and third-party security software scanning available here.

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding our traffic upgrades and we would be glad to offer quotes for you should you need this upgrade.