Dedicated servers all come with free backups.

(Includes Virtual Private Hosting accounts.)


We believe this is an important feature to have for any hosting account and provide backups free of charge for all our customers. All FTP backups are upgradeable and we also recommend a secondary hard drive for redundancy. There is no such thing as having too many backups.

Free dedicated server backups are an important value added service that should be used at all times. Either it be via basic FTP backups, RAID1 or RAID5 or secondary (third or fourth) backup drives it is an important task that should be implemented. This process can be simplified by automating the backups either with simple scripts, software or a web based control panel like Cpanel/WHM.


Off-Server Backup Prices

10 GB backup space, FREE

50 GB backup space, $20 per month

100 GB backup space, $30 per month

250 GB backup space, $40 per month

It does not matter what Operating System you are using, you can still use our free backups with your dedicated server or VPS hosting plan. Please do keep in mind however, that our backup service is not intended for heavy file usage or public FTP services for anyone to access. You will be provided with an IP address and a user name and password that one the server owner or administrator should access. It is not to be given out freely to whomever wishes to have access to it. This would also of  course make any data vulnerable.


Dedicated servers with free backup


If you need assistance with a backup plan and confirmation that you have a backup plan in place, please let our techs know you require assistance and we can set them up for you in about 10 minutes, either via FTP or secondary drive. If you want email confirmation each time a backup has been completed this can be setup for you too. Please make sure that there is a backup plan in place for your dedicated server. We do not charge for the first 10GB’s of space and we encourage you to setup a backup system in place and confirm they are being done.

Be sure to revisit how regularly you are backing up your data, if you are performing complete or incremental backups and even for how long you are keeping this data stored.