Dedicated servers with load balancer

We provide dedicated servers with load balancing (in the US, east coast Pennsylvania), for just $49 per month. A load balancer can be added to two dedicated servers or  more up to a full rack with 42 1U servers.

  • The main task of a load balancer is to simply balance a load among severs such as an internet service. This can include Internet connections via a main port, authentication requirements of SSL requests and processing encryption, Domain Name System, DNS, HTTP compression, etc.
  • A load balancer can quite simply balance a load of a task required of dedicated servers enabling a larger fault tolerance and to a point provide added security by forwarding client requests to backend servers that work “behind the scenes.” thus hiding the actual structure of the internal network.
  • Load balancing can be provided via software or hardware however, the hardware version will require fewer resources from the server running a load balancer. Another software option is to have a dedicated server run as a load balancer. We recommend dedicated load balancing hardware since the hardware is specifically designed to provide balancing and the cost is lower too; $49 per month
  • Load balancing can also be used as a crude form of DDoS protection via delayed TCP handshake and backend servers handling the final requests. Dedicated DDoS hardware is strongly recommended for DDoS protection however. Load balancers are also known to be able to act as basic firewalls preventing direct access to backend servers if desired since the basic task of a firewall is to act as an interface to permit or block certain traffic.
  • It is also possible to utilize a dedicated servers with load balancer to check if servers are responding at acceptable efficiency at all times. If problems are detected with a server it can be removed and alert the system administrator of problems, preferably in advance of any major outages. If problems are detected the load balancer will not send any requests to that particular server ensuring that uptime is maintained as best as possible. (This is similar to a RAID5 system for example.)

Please contact us if you require more information regarding our dedicated servers with load balancing or simply require more information about our services.