We offer dedicated servers with KVM over IP access for $40 per month. (We provide KVM access for $30 per week.) Some of our servers have IPMI motherboards, however so sometimes KVM over IP would not be required. You can add KVM at any time in future or at the time of your server order. This hardware works with any server in the data center. Please also note, that this is and advanced feature we offer to more experienced server administrators. If you do not have the experience to use a KVM unit it is advised to let our techs look into any issues you may be having with your server, such as not being able to boot up or connect. We will provide hardware replacements if needed and network troubleshooting for you at no extra cost 24/7. A remote reboot port may also be an option for you.

Administering a dedicated server with KVM or IPMI access can be vital for many dedicated server administrators. Keyboard Video & Mouse has been available for many years and well before IPMI which stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface and was created by Intel Corporation.

There are other vendors who have created their own proprietary remote management hardware and software such as Dell’s DRAC; Dell Remote Access Card which is a controller with its own processor and network connection but is also based on the IPMI system and using Dell’s software, OpenManage. Other popular manufacturers of this type of “out-of-band” hardware include IBM and HP.

You can read more about KVM access at our blog located here.

Some of our dual core servers are running on Dell PowerEdge dedicated servers and have the option of DRAC cards. Please contact sales for pricing on these.


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