We offer VPS hosting plans on Dell PowerEdge servers and we accept credit cards, PayPal and now recently Bitcoin which has continued to show increased popularity for monthly payments. Currently we are running a promotion on $1 domains for the first year’s registration.

Our VPS hosting starts at $10 per month with the CentOS 6.x Operating System and $15 per month for Windows 2012. Both OS’s can run 32 or 64Bit and Cpanel and Plesk 100 domains is $14 and $10 per month respectively for the CentOS 6.x VPS plans. (We do not recommend running Plesk unlimited domains since the VPS account will most likely not be able to run over 100 domains on a single account.)

For the Windows plans, we offer WebsitePanel which is free. However, with Windows and the web based control panel it may be advisable to order a VPS plan with 1GB RAM.

Hosting And Designs L.L.C. always makes sure the dedicated server is able to power all the VPS plans that are setup on the server. Some servers will have more accounts while others will have fewer depending on the load the VPS’s are utilizing. There is never a set number of accounts on a dedicated server.

All our plans have guaranteed RAM usage available to all accounts at any time and are not set on what is knows in the industry as a “burst” mode for a limited amount of time. The CPU utilization is also dedicated to each account and available 24/7 and is not limited to a certain amount of time per day.

We have guaranteed 24/7 technical support available for any technical issues on our CentOS VPS plans and if you require additional security services they can be purchased at any time. This includes our Total Security Packages (available only for CentOS 6.x) and SiteLock which starts at just $5 per month. 5GB backups are included with all VPS hosting accounts and more backup space can be provided at any time.

All plans can be paid for via credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. Please just mention in the comments field of your order that you wish to pay via Bitcoin or PayPal instead of credit card.

VPS accounts are setup within 24 hours and Windows VPS accounts may take a day to setup. Custom VPS plans are possible, in which case please contact us for details and a quote. All accounts are located on the East Coast of USA in Dunmore Pennsylvania.