A good online tool for testing website speed is WebPageTest.org which tests the speed and performance of your WordPress site. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can also analyze your web page and offers suggestions to improve page load times. W3 Total Cache is a good plugin for improving website speed and download times.

Many scripts are placed towards the top of a pages and the browser a visitor uses reads the top of the page and works it’s way down. Adding several scripts at the top of a page results in nothing else getting loaded such as text and images, until the scripts are done loading. Visitors want to see visual content first, and everything else can come shortly after.

In addition, social media scripts can easily slow down a site, again depending also on where the script was obtained. There may be a faster and simpler script you can use.

A slow loading WordPress site can cause serious issues for any online business which will result in loosing visitors and customers. It will also cause your whole “image” to appear slow and give an appearance of not quite running properly. It can have a strong affect on potential clients visiting your site. There are several steps involved that can easily determine why your site may be loading slowly including simple things such as images that are too large, to more complicated issues that may involve process of elimination in order to determine what is slowing down your site or a few important pages.

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