Google Search Rankings for 2017

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  Every website owner knows that in order to be successful in Search Engine Optimization, you have to rank well with the Google search engine or the vast majority of internet traffic will never find your site. Getting ranked well with Google is essential for organic traffic to your site. This is free traffic you could be getting instead of only being able to advertise your site and services with your hard earned money. Statistics show just...

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How to Avoid Targeted Malware

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Hackers many times use basic malware to gain partial access to a secure system. Once this has been successful the hackers can start to try to find additional information specific to that business or data they are trying to access since they now have a foothold into the system. By gaining more specific information using the malware already infecting a compromised server(s), they can begin to construct custom malware to further exploit the...

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Why Speeding Up your WordPress Site Matters

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A good online tool for testing website speed is which tests the speed and performance of your WordPress site. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can also analyze your web page and offers suggestions to improve page load times. W3 Total Cache is a good plugin for improving website speed and download times. Many scripts are placed towards the top of a pages and the browser a visitor uses reads the top of the page and works it’s way...

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The Risks of Using Plugins with WordPress

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Plugins are a great way to add useful features such as visitor statistics, entry forms, social media add-ons etc. The number of plugins available for any WorrdPress site is growing on a daily basis and makes managing and running a website much easier by simply downloading, installing and activating a plugin for a specific task you want it to do. Some of the most popular include Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, various SEO and security plugins....

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Data Breaches Are On The Rise

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In 82% of breaches, attackers take just minutes to compromise a system and 63% of confirmed breaches were due to weak, default or stolen passwords according to the 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report form Verizon. Once breached, attackers can linger for days within the system. No industry or system is bulletproof when it involves compromised data, however discovering the breach and learning how it was carried out is vital in preventing...

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Upgrading Office Laptops

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There is almost a hard written rule that replacing computers, laptops smartphones and other mobile devices need to be done within x number of years and that number is usually less than 5 years. Either office workers are used to snappy results and fast load times or that slowing speeds is a sign of being less productive and impatient finger tapping ensues. It is also a much more profitable solution to replace entire systems than small upgrades....

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