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security-padlockAll Managed WordPress hosting accounts come with Free iThemes WordPress Security Pro. We secure each and every hosting account thoroughly. 

cartFor Ecommerce, we offer Exchange (and all plugins) for just $3.95 extra per month. This is a complete shopping cart system for anything you want to sell.

untitledAll WordPress accounts come with automatic backup space that is stored remotely.  In fact, it can't even be turned off. That's how serious we are about backups!

untitled-3Do you have something specific in mind? Need a third-party plug-in installed? Credit card processing questions for your site? General questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

seoWordPress is Search Engine friendly even by default and there are additional options to fine-tune for SEO results also via plug-ins.

icon-setNo hidden fees or long term contracts. All plans come with a 60 day pro-rated money back guarantee. Call us any time at  503-999-7518


One Solution - Two Plans

Attractive websites shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars per year



Fully Managed, 24/7 Support

 2 email accounts

3 GB Storage Space (and full backups)

5k monthly visits (You're almost famous!)

Drag & Drop WordPress Site Editor

SEO & Social Media Friendly

$6.95 per month. Sign Up!



Fully Managed, 24/7 Support

 2 email accounts

13 GB Storage Space (and full backups)

25k monthly visits (My gosh you're famous!)

Drag & Drop WordPress Site Editor

SEO & Social Media Friendly

Ideal for video splash pages

$9.95 per month. Sign Up!


So Why Use WordPress?

 Yes, our website is made with WordPress too!


WordPress color-lightbulbThere are several very popular companies that use WordPress which can all be found here.  These sites should make most assume that WordPress is a safe and fast Content Management System if kept up to date.


Security is one feature that too often becomes neglected and results in WordPress sites becoming infected with malware due to free themes that are intentionally infected or plugins that are from unknown publishers and WordPress itself discovering vulnerabilities and issuing updates but are not updated by the host or user. Plugins can also gain a lot of access to a site that can indeed provide an easy opportunity for a hacker. 

Due to WordPress sites constantly being hacked may lead some to believe that WordPress is insecure. This is due to the fact that there are so many WordPress sites now that they will constantly be mentioned in hacker activities and there are still many hosts that fail to update and secure their WordPress sites as they should. Some may also still believe that WordPress is a blog-only CMS which it originally was and certainly still can be used for. But with the plethora of beautiful designs, plugins and customization now available it can many times even be difficult to distinguish between a WordPress website and another site built using something else entirely.


Many WordPress themes are designed with mobile device screen resolutions in mind and are automatically able to adjust the website’s design in realtime as it detects different screen resolutions. Even while changing an internet browser window size on a desktop computer can the user see the design of the website change automatically. A similar thing happens on a mobile device which has less screen real estate.


WordPress is also very search engine friendly especially if the basic Search Engine Optimization tips have been implemented. There is even a popular SEO plugin called Yoast to help with this.



While there has been "an app for that" in the smartphone world there is in almost every case also a "plug-in for that". Because WordPress is such a popular CMS there is a very large number of plug-ins available that provide solutions for common and popular every day needs to specific requirements that may even be industry specific. There is not only one shopping cart system but several as well as visitor stat plug-ins, portfolio management plug-ins, membership account plug-ins etc. Many are also free while others come at a small cost.

In many cases however, users just want an easy to manage website that they or the host can run, design and secure and if that happens to be WordPress then that works for them. As of September 2016, WordPress powers 26% of the internet with 50,000 sites being added at WordPress alone. That should mean WordPress is doing something right.

View the WordPress drag & drop editor here.