Our external backup solution is a secure, highly customizable online data storage, access, backup/restore, and data sharing solution for consumers and businesses with several possible interfaces and options to backup, retrieve, and manipulate your data on the web. Our online server backup supports connectivity from most operating systems--including Windows, Linux, Mac, & Unix. Our Data Center provides you with a secure location for storing your most important data--where you can have access to them anywhere, anytime, using any operating system which is at the core of our server backup strategies!

* Our server backups solutions are not meant for usage as heavy duty file or data servers or web servers to unknown/anonymous users. This service is meant to provide online backups  for a limited amount of known/authenticated users. For general public FTP use, please order one of our servers.


Off-Server Backup Prices

10 GB backup space, FREE 
50 GB backup space, $20 per month 
100 GB backup space, $30 per month
250 GB backup space, $40 per month

Dedicated server backup solutions

Server Backup Features - Core Features

  • 24/7 ACCESS - Always available access to upload/download to your account at any time of the day. Immediate access to recover data in the event a mishap occurs.
  • UNMETERED INCOMING BANDWIDTH - No limit to the amount of data that you can send for storage to your account. Generous outgoing bandwidth allocations permitting multiple downloads per month of the full amount of your storage space.
  • RAID - Virtual Storage accounts are based on RAID5 (Redundant Array) reliability, to protect against hard drive failure, to maintain the highest possible service availability and data protection.
  • SCALABILITY - Start with a small External Storage package for only $20/month, with room to grow when you need!
  • NETWORK - Transfer your data via our network via Gigabit (1000MBPS) speeds. Private LAN access setup on all external backup accounts.
  • SECURITY - SSH (Secure Telnet Shell) connectivity for RSYNC, and encrypted VPN connections, provide for secure data transmission to your firewalled storage account.

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Online Server Backup Connection Methods

  • FTP - Compatible with most FTP clients (CuteFTP, WS-FTP, etc...) providing a powerful and flexible system to transfer files. Interfaces with CPanel, and other software, to accept incoming backup connection processes.
  • RSYNC - Synchronizing only your files that have changed since the last backup was performed. This efficient backup method saves time, resources, bandwidth, & storage space.
  • SAMBA - Map/mount your external storage account as a local drive/directory on your computer. Drag-n-drop, open, edit, and save files directly from your workstation (E: drive), or serve files directly to your Linux server (/mount).
  • VPN - Connect securely via VPN client to encrypt data transmission to your external storage account. Authenticates and allows secure, encrypted access to the our backup network.
  • PRIVATE LAN - Option, and for a small fee, to connect via a non-public network interface. This provides additional security from the public Internet, as well as conserves utilization on expensive and/or limited bandwidth allocations.


Dedicated server backup solutions