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Web Hosting Add Ons - Free Setup Included


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Quick Facts: +All web hosting upgrades can be ordered at the time of server setup or after a dedicated server has been deployed. Most web hosting add ons have no setup fees. +If you are ordering additional IP's (more than the standard 5 IP's provided) you will be required to provide justification for them, no exceptions. +Web hosting upgrades are a great way to increase space, security or miscellaneous services our clients require at any future date. Please note, adding a web based control panel after an operating system installation will require a server reload. (Webmin, is an exception however.)

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RAM options: 
Primary hard drive upgrades:
Secondary hard drive:
External backup Service:
Operating Systems:


Tailor Server Services You Need With Upgrades & Packages

Service Type

Setup Fees*

Price per month

8 extra IP Addresses (Need more?) $0
32 extra IP Addresses $0
256 extra IP Addresses $0
Total Security Package (Linux/Unix only) $49
Security Package (Linux/Unix only) $29
SiteLock Security scan $0
Software Firewall (Linux/Unix only) $15
Windows Antivirus (This is an annual fee) $29
GoMobi - mobile website  $0
SSL certificate (and installation assistance) $0
Hardware Firewall  $0
KVM rental $0
DDOS protection, server level $0
Load Balancing $0
Remote Reboot Port $0
Private LAN $0
RAID1 (For RAID 0/5 please contact sales) $0
RAID1, software based.  $0
CPanel/WHM/Fantastico $0
$25 (Preview)
WebsitePanel $0
$0 (Preview)
Plesk (100 domains) Language packs are available for Plesk, please inquire. +$10 $0
$20 (Preview)
Plesk (Unlimited) $0
$30 (Preview)
Plesk Power Pack $0
$19 (Preview)
Direct Admin (limited support) $0
$10 (Preview)
Webmin (limited support) $25
$0 (Preview)
OpenVZ...please inquire $25 per hour FREE
O/S re-installation (contact us for details) $35 if client fault
MS SQL Server 2008, many version available -

     Hosting and Designs is a Dedicated Server Hosting company. Compared to the competition we offer Cheap Dedicated Servers, in addition to a full array of services including: Web Hosting Add Ons, Server Backup Strategies, SiteLock Website Security and DDoS Hosting Solutions.

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    SiteLock security now available for all servers starting at $5.

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    GoMobi mobile website service now available!

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  All servers now come with 10GB FTP off-server backups per request. Please just contact us or create a support ticket requesting us to set this up for you!


  5% discount on 6 month payments. This can be paid at any time. Please feel free to also contact us about our reseller program!

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  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales department at any time. We would be glad to help you!

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  How to order

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