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Placing your order. Please perform the following steps to ensure you receive your dedicated server promptly and receive confirmation that the server or add-on you request is available. We will then send you an order page.  Live Help

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Choose your server, hardware upgrades and software
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Fill in your email address and full name
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Send in the form
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Read our SLA
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Wait for an email confirmation from Hosting And Designs L.L.C.
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Make Payment
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Your server will be setup for you in 24-72 hours
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  Contact sales if you have questions Please feel free to contact us any time.



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  • (5% discount on 6 month payments. Please contact sales.  Wire transfers and checks also possible, 2 month payment term required.)

  • All server cancellations require 14 days notice.

  • (MS SQL Server 2008, please inquire with sales)


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