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Placing your order. Please perform the following steps to ensure you receive your dedicated server promptly and receive confirmation that the server or add-on you request is available. We will then send you an order page.  Live Help

  Placing an Order - Step 1

If you desire no hardware changes or upgrades please just choose your server.

Choose Server:

RAM upgrade (per month charges)

Primary hard drive upgrade (per month charges):

Secondary hard drive (per month charges):

Operating System:

Tier 1 Bandwidth (Please note, some high-end servers come with 2,000 GB)

Off-Server FTP Backup (per month charges):

MS SQL Database (per month charges):

Web Based Control Panel (per month charges):

Firewalls, IP's and miscellaneous extras

Block of 8 extra IP Addresses (+$10/month) (contact us for additional IP's)

Total Security Package. ($95 one-time fee)

Hardware Firewall CISCO 5505 (+$35 setup, +$79/month)

Hardware Firewall CISCO 5510 (+$75 setup, +$199/month)

Software Firewall (+$19 setup, Linux only)

Private Switch (+$10/month per server)

RAID1 (+$25/month)

Graphics card, ATI 128 MB AGP (+$15/month)

SATA drive (FREE)

24 hour KVM rental ($30 setup)

CD-ROM (for KVM custom OS's)  ($10)


To insure that all communication reaches you successfully, be sure to white-list "" & in your Spam filter. Or check your "Spam" folder.

Note: All server cancellations require 14 days notice.


(5% discount on 6 month payments. Please contact sales.  Wire transfers and checks also possible, 2 month payment term required.)


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Choose your server, hardware upgrades and software
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Fill in your email address and full name
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Send in the form
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Read our SLA
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Wait for an email confirmation from Hosting And Designs L.L.C.
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Make Payment
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Your server will be setup for you in 24-72 hours
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  Contact sales if you have questions Please feel free to contact us any time.



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