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     Our Goal

     HostingAndDesigns.com was founded because we wanted to create a service that was unique and offer what was seriously lacking with many web host providers, fast customer support.  It is not our goal to compromise on service and features by offering ridiculously low prices with cheap hardware. We offer the most plausible uptime guarantee possible (99.5%) and fast servers, (pictured right), resulting in fast loading web pages and quick downloads. Our servers are also not overloaded with accounts which would slow down the performance for all our clients!

     We also offer professional web design templates at very affordable prices.


     Each server is a Dual 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 SCSI system configured with Raid5, (for redundancy in case of hard drive failure and hard drive  performance enhancement), and 4 GB Memory. We only make use of the best possible hardware available today. 
   Your file systems, raw partitions, and databases are protected daily reflecting incremental changes and weekly through the creation of full backups. Bottom line, our service is hands-free, allowing you more time to manage your core business.


     We offer the exceptional CPanel 10 software suite to provide a web-based interface for total account management. CPanel 10 is used to manage all the client-side aspects of account management such as the set-up of multiple email addresses, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and the viewing of website visitor statistics.

     Our servers run RedHat Linux 7.3 using a 2.4.x kernel, with a heavily optimized Apache web server for maximum website efficiency. Dedicated server clients are currently running RedHat Linux 9.0 unless preferred otherwise.


     Developed within the Net Access Data Center NAC, HostingAndDesigns utilizes all the services and protection offered within the NAC facility. FM-200 Fire Suppression, Multiple UPS Systems, Backup Diesel Generators, 24-7-365 Network Operations staff, ensures the safety and reliability of your services and equipment.

     Server loads are monitored carefully to ensure that load times remain fast 24 hours a day and running at optimal speed. Utilizing advanced technology, we actively send probes out to end-users across the entire Internet to measure latency and packet loss to customers through specific internet providers. Gathering immediate statistics on the performance of the Internet, our routers will make up to several hundred route changes per minute to utilize the best path to reach the end destination; you the customer!  This results in significantly increased network times for our customer's applications. 

    Our data center features multiple fiber connections with bandwidth provided by tier 1 carriers such as Sprint, UUNet, Level3, Yipes, Genuity, AOL Time Warner Telecom and AT&T. HostingAndDesigns will offer fast, reliable connectivity to the internet via multiple OC-12 connections to over
75 diverse providers. Making sure your data can be reached, viewed, updated, and accessible with incredible connectivity and network strength.

First 60 days are completely free! Simply contact us and we will setup an account for you. 

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