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Company Logo Design

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

A company logo design is an essential step in bringing your business online and establishing a lasting impression to your visitors or customers. It can be simple or complex but the main goal is always the same; a company logo should enable a customer to identify your company easily. A logo is what the business communicates. A business logo design is an image that is easy to remember, grabs your attention and conveys an idea, emotion or a solution.

Our company logo designs can start from as low as $75 to $250 depending on the scope and work involved.

A general rule is for the business name itself to be in an easy to read font. It should also have very minimal background noise and “eye-candy.” The image close to the text should compliment your company and support your slogan or statement. Many customers believe that the money they spend on a professionally designed logo should be dazzling and “impressive”. A logo ought to be simple and to the point, they aren’t works of art but a business image, literally and metaphorically. More expensive or elaborate logos do not necessarily equal better logos. On the contrary in many cases. Simpler ideas are always the best.

A good test is to visualize the logo blown up to size to fill a poster on the wall. If the logo would still look beautiful in such a size it quite frankly may actually not be a logo, but an impressive work of art.

Basic information such as colors, shapes and any slogans will help in the design process of your company logo design.

If a business has a product line in certain colors or shapes it is advised that your logo take that same shape or color to compliment your products. The image in the logo can also provide a visual representation of the business name or slogan. This helps the customer identify the business name. An oversimplified example is if you think of a plant you picture an actual plant, not the word “plant”. What kind of plant? What color and what shape? This imagery can then be incorporated into a plant logo for example. Same goes for various other topics, subjects or professions.

So shapes would be dependent on topics or professions. A construction logo would involve square or triangle shapes with hard corners. A child care center logo would be designed with rounded soft shapes. A round purple shaped construction logo would indeed give off a confusing message. The same also goes for a square-shaped logo with a dark font for a daycare center.

If you have a web design in certain colors, you may wish to use the same colors for the logo. The logo can still be distinct if done correctly so it is not lost on the website design. On the other hand, if the logo design is too different it can look out of place on a site that has a completely different web design theme and color.

Professional company logo designers are aware of revisions involved so don’t be afraid to request slight changes to the first draft of a company logo design. Sometimes a company logo design is spot-on, other times it isn’t and some changes are required. Most of our designs are completed in about 48 hours, however, depending on the work required for a logo and number of revisions, this can take a little longer. It is also advisable to heed the advice and recommendations of the designer. They should be able to come up with some ideas and designs for your logo.

If you are interested or have questions or design ideas for your logo, please contact us. You can talk to an Oregon USA-based logo designer today at 503-999-7518.

We would be glad ot discuss how we work and waht to expect when we work on your logo design.

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