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Custom VPS Plans

December 22 – Hillsboro, Oregon. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. expands custom Virtual Private Server plans services due to continued demand.

Each client has different requirements. Locked into a preconfigured configuration doesn’t make sense.

Custom VPS plans provide clients with:

  • Their own custom plan

  • Monthly savings

  • The option to upgrade when needed

VPS Flexibility

Cloud hosting has increased in popularity due to this same scalability and customization. VPS hosting has the very same flexibility of offering custom configurations as well. Virtualization and “containers” offer a large number of variations and customizations. Moreover, this virtualization versatility needs to be utilized in creative and cost savings ways for their clients. Pre-configured VPS plans are a turn-off for many clients. Clients want flexibility and customization.

Clients can base their decision on their monthly budget or purely on their specific hardware requirements for their projects. Many providers are not utilizing the flexibility of VPS to its maximum potential. 2017 has shown clients taking a great interest in this customization and plans to expand this feature are in the works.

Server nodes and dedicated servers are already setup and configured. Minimal additional setup or configuration is required for Hosting And Designs L.L.C. staff.

Custom VPS Plans and Value-Added Services

Value-added services are still provided to each client that require security, backups or managed support services as before. Popular web-based control panels are also provided to help with administration.

To conclude, custom VPS plans are the future of VPS hosting. Clients will be able to choose a custom plan that suits their particular needs. In addition, they will also stay within budget. Clients will not be forced to upgrade to acquire specific hardware they need. VPS is scalable, customizable and a proven technology that will be available for a long time. Choosing a price or a custom VPS build is a win-win for both client and Hosting And Designs L.L.C.

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