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Debian Dedicated Server Provider

A Debian dedicated server provider offers more than a basic OS. Debian comes with over 29,000 packages; precompiled software that’s bundled up in a simple format for easy installation on your dedicated server, installed and managed by Hosting And Designs L.L.C. if requested.

The Debian operating system is a set of basic programs and utilities that make your dedicated server run. At the core of an operating system is the kernel. The kernel is by far the most important program on the server. It does all the essential housekeeping and enables you to start up other programs.

Debian systems use the Linux kernel or the FreeBSD kernel. Linux is a very popular piece of free software created by Linus Torvalds and supported by thousands of other programmers around the world. FreeBSD is a 30-year-old operating system of continuous development including a kernel and other software.

A large number of the basic tools that make up the Debian operating system come from the GNU project; hence the names: GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD. These tools are also free and Hosting And Designs L.L.C. tech support can assist you with installing and configuring your Debian dedicated server.

The features that most of our customers look for is application software; programs to help them get what they need to do, from editing documents, streaming music, and movies, to operating a business to running games or even writing more software. Debian comes with over 29,000 packages (precompiled software that is bundled up in a simple format for easy installation on your managed dedicated server) — again all of it for free.

It’s a bit like a tower. At the base of the tower is a kernel and on top of the kernel are all the basic tools. On top of that all the software that you run on the server. At the top of the tower is Debian — reliably organizing and fitting everything so it all works together.

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How do I get Debian?

First of all, when you order a Debian dedicated server we will simply install the Debian OS for you. We only offer Debian 64 Bit and no longer support 32Bit. If you have any questions please just contact us and let us know

We offer dual core and quad cores servers running Debian and up to 64GB RAM, 1TB SATA drives or larger all with 100Mbps ports which can be upgraded if need be. All Debian dedicated servers (managed is optional) come with 10GB off-server backups free of charge. Finally, you can also choose if you wish to have an older version of Debian installed on your server (not recommended).

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