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New Affordable SSL Plans

Secure Socket Layer certificates can be an important part of security for any website. Unfortunately, it is often a feature that is reluctantly purchased due to the expense involved. Not only can the price be steep for some, but SSL certificates need to be renewed each year adding to the total cost each time it is renewed.

SSL isn’t expensive

Fortunately, there have been solutions to this problem and one such provider is called RapidSSL. They offer affordable SSL plans for only $49 per year. Even though more expensive SSL certificates are more popular and promoted more frequently, the argument can be made that this is simply due to the higher profit margins that are involved and businesses wanting to maximize consumer trust. Higher cost SSL certificates do provide more security than RapidSSL and are a preferred by some companies. What is most important is that at least some sort of SSL is enabled on a website that is verified by a third-party.

RapidSSL offers affordable SSL plans at a much lower price than competitors. This SSL can be issued within minutes and even come with a $10,000 warranty. RapidSSL does also offer Wildcard SSL which is popular among web hosting providers. It provides their clients or other online businesses several basic SSL certificates at the subdomain level.

Acquiring an SSL certificate provides trust to the visitor with “https://” in the URL, a closed padlock icon and a trust mark or site seal. Consumer trust and security with user credentials should always be a priority for any ecommerce site.

Show you are serious

As all the other SSL certificate providers do, a “site seal” is provided as part of the certificate purchase. A site seal can be used to display on a website as proof of a verified SSL and verified security. Available recurring periods are on an annual basis which is from one to three years maximum. Unlimited licenses can be purchased per dedicated server for any TLD’s. As with many SaaS security offerings, it is mobile friendly and also has a 99% browser compatibility. This is an industry standard and is at the same level as the (much) more expensive SSL certificate providers.

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