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New Thawte SSL Certificates Available

We are now pleased to be able to provide Thawte SSL certificates for any dedicated server or VPS customers. These will be available via Thawte and we offer most of the Thawte SSL certificates. This includes the Thawte SSL 123 to the more expensive SSL Web Server Certificate with Extended Validation. (This Thawte SSL certificate from is not necessary for all customers. It may be more than is required depending on what the server is being used for.)

The following prices and options are available for Hosting And Designs L.L.C. at this time:

Thawte SSL Certificates pricing

  • SSL 123 – $99

  • Web Server SSL Certificate – $149

  • SSL Web Server Certificate & EV – $199

With the increase in popularity of free SSL certificates, many website owners assume that is enough. However, there are several missing features with free SSL certificates.

Missing Free SSL Features

  • domain validated SSL only

  • no Extended Validation, wildcard or Organization Validation

  • no email encryption or code signing for secure downloads

  • some lack of trust due to no organization validation

  • no installation assistance

It is always tempting to use free SSL certificates however this comes at some cost to the user’s confidence in doing business with a company. Some larger online services can make due with free SSL and is up to each individual organization to determine this.

Hosting And Designs L.L.C. always offers installation and setup assistance with Thawte SSL certificates. We also provide all the assistance for purchased SSL certificates.

We will also provide support for SSL installations. Please note, however, that TrueBusinessID with EV involves a longer process with some paperwork involved. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. will only be able to assist with the technical installation of paid Thawte SSL certificates. Please contact us for more information and to order.

Please visit for more information regarding their services.

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