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SaaS Opportunities on Dedicated Servers

According to research firm IDC, big data tech and services should grow 27% from now to 2017. That’s 6 times the rate of other information and communication technology. IDC also reports cloud services face the highest growth rate; 49%. This could mean data being migrated to the cloud to lower costs but lowering sales for traditional storage providers at data centers.

SaaS Opportunities on Dedicated Servers

SaaS Opportunities on Dedicated Servers is continuing to expand from general cloud hosting to more specialized services such as:

  • firewalls as-a-service

  • disaster recovery as-a-services

  • security-as-a-service etc.

Dedicated servers allow this to happen in either generalized services or the more specialized services. Managed cloud services took off last year in 2013 and the web hosting market has taken notice, deciding on what type of cloud hosting each provider will offer, from managed, to how to price services and what cloud software to use are among many decisions to make.

Avoiding long-term contract could be advisable especially in the cloud market since that particular SaaS is still fairly new. Cloud hosting is changing at a rapid pace as the more tried and true services become more dominant and standard. It’s possible that this year’s current leader could end up the next year’s straggler. No customer would want to be in this situation, especially with a long contract that is not possible to get out of without substantial financial penalties if at all possible.

Forrester Research says customers expect to interact with brands and companies via software, altering the user experience. Brands should know what customers want via software.

They should know where, when and how they can meet those customer expectations. This becomes more important as digitization increases, mobile becomes more popular and SaaS is vital in the web hosting business…

Running Costs and Compatibility

SaaS Opportunities on Dedicated Servers provide unlimited potential in the software as a service market. A SaaS “product” should be easier and less expensive than running one in-house. There are fewer upfront costs involved depending on the software purchased (if not free) and the server configuration wanted for such a project. Looking at services offered by an external provider also needs to make financial sense rather than keeping it in-house or with the system already in place. Another factor to consider is if the service you can provide will be better than what is currently being offered.

Also and just as important is to make sure the service you go with will be compatible with your current project. Making changes halfway through can be costly and time-consuming resulting in delays and possible downtime as well. It is important to do your homework before exploring SaaS Opportunities on Dedicated Servers.

As the market settles down throughout the year the more popular SaaS’s will remain running. That will show which services are proving to be fruitful. Some providers will fail and it will be important to again do your homework. In addition, discover if possible, why those services failed. Then offering a service similar to those will prevent any failed startup attempts and it should be possible to focus on how to make a proven service better than the competition.

Many cloud providers or SaaS providers use dedicated servers at a data center (or co-locate) instead of building a cloud data center from scratch. This way it is simple to build a service from inside of that. However, consider starting small before ramping up to larger systems so that you can test and refine along the way so as not to damage any user experiences.

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