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The 20 Most Popular Dedicated Server Providers

Given the ever increasing number of cheap dedicated server providersavailable in recent years, competing with price or basic network infrastructure alone is not enough to offer attractive hosting plans and value added services.

Every month, at the Dedicated Server Directory, they compile a list of the Top 20 Most Popular Dedicated Server Companies. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is honored to be listed in the top 20 position on this month’s most popular list, available at:

A popular feature with their customers is affordable Distributed Denial of Service protection. According to Kaspersky Lab, online shopping sites, blogs and forums, and gaming sites are attacked most often. Almost all attacks were via “HTTP Flood” and Mondays through Thursdays experienced the most attacks. This unfortunately makes it easy to target smaller companies and web sites that have limited resources and funds to protect themselves. The Cisco® Anomaly Guard Module offered by Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is an integrated services module that delivers a powerful and extensive solution for defending dedicated servers against massive DDoS attacks.

Another very popular feature that comes with every dedicated server is the APS400 certification which translates to a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This means that puts a strong emphasis on network uptime thus freeing up more manpower and support hours to software, value added services and hardware related technical support knowing that the network is running with strong reliability and dependability.

Last but not least, is a new feature called SiteLock which is a security scanner offered as one of their several value added services for all dedicated server hosting plans, protecting servers and web sites from vulnerabilities, hacks and malware among several other security services provided by SiteLock.

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