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The Importance of Color in Logos

There is (or should) be a reason why some brands have chosen to keep to a certain color and apply that to their logo. Color in logos are not simply chosen at random or to match their current website. There is a reason why some of the best logos have certain colors.

Not only are they easy to remember and identify, but certain colors give off a particular mood, feeling or even expectation. Most of these brands or logos have chosen simple easy to read fonts with usually two colors only. Consumers put a lot of weight on visual appearance and the colors that are chosen for many brands out there. Not only does a shape result in recognition of a brand but also the color chosen. According to Kissmetrics, over 90% of consumers say the visual dimension is actually the most influencing factor in determining their purchase decision. The other very interesting statistic is that up to 90% of consumers make a subconscious decision within 90 seconds about a product based on just color alone.

Changing colors on a website such as “buy now” or “more info” buttons can increase clicks or even sales.

Strong calls-to-action website buttons are still just as important as well as compelling imagery, however, colors will also make consumers feel a certain way depending on the colors chosen and if it is an advertisement, web design, product or a color in logos. All these factors can help businesses and advertisements increase sales and improve results or leads.

Logos Compared

The Target Corporation is a well-known brand in most parts of the United States. The image of the bullseye, red color and shape is pretty self-explanatory. However, the call to action and attention-grabbing logo has an arguably undeniably effect. Red can evoke strong emotions and has a sense of intensity. There is a good reason why sales prices are usually in a red color. The CNN logo is another example of this.

The BMW logo is a blue color with black and white. Blue can often convey trust, security, and safety. A perfect combination for a high-end motor vehicle manufacturer that wants to convey this sort of feeling with its logo. Blue often conveys productivity and movement. Brands such as IBM, HP, American Express and Nokia all use this color to help their brands image and consumers aren’t fully aware of it. Notice how the blue color compliments the brands with either trust, productivity, movement, and security or even more than two.

Orange is considered quite an energetic and bold color in general and can often be used as a call to action. It can emote enthusiasm and eagerness but in a friendly and cheerful manner. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. has used this color for their logo as well as FedEx and Mozilla with the secure and safe blue color as well.

Yellow is also a powerful color in many ways. It can grab attention but also convey a positive or cheerful and even youthful feel. A handful of large companies who use such color are McDonald’s, Shell, and Kodak. McDonald’s for the cheerful and positive appearance just like their commercials on TV. Shell for a positive feel and Kodak for possibly all three categories for the fun of taking pictures. It is no surprise that red is also used frequently with yellow.

Color in logos is an important element to consider when choosing or designing a logo for a business, either it is a small one or a large company. Determining what effect you wish to create or “feeling” you want to convey is vital in making sure your logo works well for you. Then from there, decide other factors that go into logo design.

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