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Ting; A New Cell Phone Company Changes Mobile Phone Industry

The average amount Americans overpay per year on wireless bills is $336 (BillShrink).

Ting is changing the way mobile phone users look at paying their cell phone bills each month. Ting customers purchase “buckets” of minutes, texts and data which can all be shared with an unlimited number of smartphones for an additional $6 per device, each with their own cell number. Should a customer use less than was paid for, a credit is applied to the next month’s phone bill. If more time, texts or data is used the current plan simply gets bumped up to the next level without penalties or hidden costs.

GigaOM has included Ting (among heroes like Apple, Samsung and Foursquare) in The Mobile 15 as one of 15 companies “…that are changing or could potentially change the mobile landscape in the most profound ways.”

There are also no long terms contracts and phone bills are paid on a month to month basis. Cancelations do not cost anything and there are no termination fees. Tethering and hotspots are free, meaning it’s possible to connect other devices using a cell phone’s 3G or 4G connections for Internet use.

At the time of this press release, smartphone prices start at less than $100 for refurbished phones to higher end and newer release phones starting at $200 and up with all the latest features and technology. A $50 Ting couponis available through Hosting And Designs L.L.C. which can be applied to all cell phones, new or refurbished.

Monthly cell phone plans can start at under $20 per month depending on what is required; call time, texts and data. Again, if more is used, simply pay the standard rates. As of this press release, rates are as follows: 2¢ per minute talk time beyond the monthly plan — 1/4¢ per text message beyond the monthly plan — 2.25¢ per megabyte beyond the monthly plan.

Ting service and coverage is provided via the Nationwide Sprint Network.

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