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Custom Icons, Photos & Graphic Design

Is unique important to you?

If you want unique, custom graphics then this will be something that interests you. 

Work with a designer that can create custom "eye candy" that works perfectly with your website. 

Graphic design entails additional cost starting at $100. Sold in packages and is not based on a per hour fee.

Free stock photography is available but also common; many same photos being used on other sites. Cost-per-photo is available.

Highly Customized Mobile Design 

General mobile design or detailed work?

  • Mobile friendly web design is essential. All web design comes with basic mobile friendly design.

  • Customized design for tablet and smartphone is also possible, including layout changes; images, text, products etc. rearranged on different devices. 

  • Discuss with us what your needs may be.

Logo Design

Do you have a logo? Do you need a re-designed one?

  • Logo design is very important to many websites, especially if trying to identify a company.

  • Logos let customers or visitors identify with a service or company message.

  • Logos let people remember the experience they had with the company.

  • If you are not designing your own website you should look into having your logo designed for you as well.

Your Business Defines Your Design,

Designs Don’t Define Your Business


Many proprietary and cheap do-it-yourself web design services often times do not comply with industry design standards so they all show up differently in various web browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc. and are actually not mobile friendly, even though they may even appear to be.

 A good comparison is when logos are designed by professionals and those that are not. A logo is not just text next to a small image, but how many logos have you seen that look like that? Too many. Your company defines your logo, your logo doesn’t define your company. Work with someone who can work with you to accomplish that. The same goes for your website.

All too often website owners view templates as a design that can define what their business, hobby, passion or

local blog’s mood and theme is going to be. Using the super inexpensive do-it-yourself templates for a web page design will do this. And, you will end up with a design that looks remarkably similar to a few million other sites out there and it will have defined your site for you at the same time. You don’t want your online presence to take this route. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. certainly work with templates if you choose to do so and those of you on a small budget will. But let us guide you in the right direction first before taking the plunge into template designs.

You want to make a good first impression on your visitors just like a logo. Don’t ruin that by going the super cheap route to save some money at the start but end up hurting your online image year after year.

The old saying; you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover does not apply in the web design world one bit. Web designs are always judged by their “cover” and it needs to appeal to your visitors of different backgrounds, devices, and expectations every single time.

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