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Web Design Services are Better at Design Than You!

And why you shouldn’t try to design your own website

     Web design services where you simply design yourself are appearing more and more frequently all over the internet. They advertise how easy it is to just create your own website and you will be online in no time. It sounds easy and affordable and everyone is doing it, even famous people! So it must be a good idea. Or is it?

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Web Designing Like a Sushi Chef!

Layout and presentation are vital or it will stumble and fall apart

     Many web designs tend to easily steer towards flashy, animated, look-at-this-cool-effect design. This shows off that great looking impress-the-pants-off visitors overall look. This is a great way to show off all the design tools a designer may have at their disposal. It becomes a problem when it has no positive effect on the overall message or design objective which could be to sell a product, explain a solution to a problem, raise awareness of an issue or promote a subject etc. 

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Why You Will Probably Pay Too Much for Your Web Site Design

Why Design Firms are Worried – And how you benefit

     When you are unfamiliar with how to carry out a certain task, many services will be available out there for you to use. The question is, how much are they charging you and why? If there is an abundance of options available to you, the price usually goes down. If it is more of a niche market, the options may be much more limited so the price would most likely be higher. In web design, however, that does not seem to be the case.

logo design

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Design Your Own Logo

Logos are not brands 

A good logo designer will grab keywords in the description of what the company’s message is about and brainstorm with those ideas changing it from words to a visual form.

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