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“An unattractive website is a lost opportunity; hurting your image and sales, every day”


       Wix Design Services

Did you know, you will most likely pay too much for your web design project? It’s a false assumption that paying more means a better-looking website, regardless of designer skills. Furthermore, we do not outsource our design work. 

We also do not have long-term contracts and believe a one-time web design should incur a one-time charge. Makes sense, right?

The site you are looking at right now was designed using the exact same Wix software we use for all our clients.

Furthermore and best of all, our custom Wix website design starts at only $249.

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Please use our web design contact form to determine what type of website you need and what your total cost is going to be, as well as any fully managed web hosting you require if you don’t have already.

Our custom Wix website design comes with security and backups with our hosting plans.

Fully managed Wix hosting starts at $89.95 per month and comes with 4 hours of maintenance and design work. Just contact us for details.

Professional video clips are now available for home pages of around 10-15 seconds long. These videos can provide a “wow” factor to any site. Please consult with us so we can inform you if this is a good fit for your site. Video clips are $99 each.

Click here or here for examples. Or see our video snippets.

To get started, please go here.

Got questions? Call us at 503-999-7518 and talk directly with a designer today.

Finally, simply provide us with text and pictures if you have any available. (This helps a lot with designing your site!) Otherwise, we use professional stock photographs.

We will strive to complete your order in 2 weeks. We can certainly make any alterations and edits if need be after your review. Plus, we’ll also show you how to do this yourself if you wish.

There is a drag-and-drop feature to easily add any content you wish via the plugins available.

Your website will automatically adjust to any screen or window size, tablet or smartphone. All our designs are 100% mobile friendly. What’s mobile friendly? Try it with this page!

We will require your username and password to your hosting account to begin work. Don’t have a hosting account? You can start here for hosting plans and we will take care of everything. Just contact us for fully managed Wix hosting starting at $89.95per month.

We take the confusion out of getting your new website up and running.

Wix website designs
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Konrad F.  – We’ve had a vps with Hostings and Designs for a few years now and their support staff have always been extremely responsive whenever we’ve needed their assistance. Their prices are fantastic too!


Diane B.  – Hosting and Design[s’] officials were very efficient and responsive to our needs. They offered great suggestions to improve the website.


Shanu V.  – I have used Hosting and Designs since 2005 and will recommend their service as second to none, I cannot fault them in any way and their technical support is the best I have ever experienced.

Questions? Call 503-999-7518 and talk to a designer, NOT a sales rep. Seriously, give us a call and see.

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Additional Perks!


Clients that think long term, understand their success will be associated with the quality and investment of their site

Logo Design Services

Please contact us today to discuss your needs either via email, online chat or phone. Visit our blog for affordable Logo designs and free icons. We usually provide “package” discounts on web and logo design including revisions at no additional cost.

Some basic information is required before starting such as color, shape and any slogans you may already have in mind. We can also incorporate any existing logos that you may already have into a new site design. Your business logo is an important step in establishing a lasting impression to your customers.

“Logos help people remember their experiences with companies” – David Airey


Website Analytics

Another feature we offer is website analytics. It’s free of charge for clients who wish to have this feature. There are several types of website statistic software available, and some are free while more advanced features have a small monthly fe..

  • Clients can set up analytics themselves or we can do this and insert the tracking code site-wide.

With website analytics, site owners can view all their visitor traffic. This includes browsing time, where visitors come from, pages they visit and bounce rate. This will be especially handy if an advertising campaign is effective or not. 

  • Clients will receive an analytics snapshot by default which is a separate service from our Wix web design services. All that is required to enable tracking on your website is a small snippet of code that we place within your site.


Take Control of Your own Website

Custom Wix website design doesn’t mean losing control of your site. We provide full access to your site to add content as desired with the easy to use site builder. 

Some basic video tutorials are made available and more will be added in the near future. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. believe that our clients should have access to their site at any time to make any changes you see fit. 

  • The several free plug-ins available include a social sharing feature that hovers out of the way on any page but is clearly noticeable and helps substantially in increasing social likes and shares. (An example of the chat plugin is on the bottom side of this page.)

  • A drag-and-drop page editor; makes page creating, layouts and editing a snap with advanced features. Anyone can design and rearrange content, however you wish in just seconds.

  • Maintenance Mode plugin which creates a “coming soon” notice on the front page of any website under development. The site can be edited while this notice is shown.

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