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FAQ Section

Control Panels

Does my server get a control panel?
You have the option of purchasing Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin or Webmin for Linux or Unix O/S servers.


What control panel do you offer for Windows?
We currently offer the Plesk 12 control panel for Microsoft Windows.

What is Cpanel?
Cpanel is a third party control panel that has been a leader on Linux server platforms. You can learn more about Cpanel here.


Additional Services

How many IP’s do I get?
Each server comes with 4 IP’s or more. Subnet Mask is or /29 The first two IPs (network & gateway) and the last IP (broadcast) in your assignment are unusable for you.  Additional IP’s can be purchased in blocks of 8 for $1 per IP.

What if I want to upgrade my server?
Upgrades are available for your server including additional Hard Drives, RAM and additional IP’s. Servers built originally without cPanel/WHM installed, may require a fresh install of the Operating System.

What are the limitations on server upgrades?
We can at least allow the addition of one (1) additional HD totaling two (2) HD’s for our dedicated servers. On some we can offer four (4)hard drives, please inquire. RAM upgrades are as follows: for some of our servers, the total amount of RAM is limited to 4GB. The dual processor and Dual Core or Quad Core servers can be upgraded to at least 8 GB or more.
Company Information

What are your hours of Operations?
Our hours of operation are 24 x 7 x 365 for technical support. Sales and general inquiries are during normal business hours; 9-5.

How can I contact you?
For sales, billing, and customer service, you can contact us here or via our online chat system or via phone at 503-999-7518. For technical support, you may use our online ticket system here.

Network & Data Center

What is your uptime guarantee?
We offer a 99.99% network uptime guarantee within the Data Center or APS 400 certification, excluding any scheduled maintenance or force majeure.

Does my server have its own IP addresses?
Clients will have their own IP’s assigned by

What is your connectivity?
You may read about some of our connectivity here.

Orders and Billing

When are orders received?
Orders are received via our sales and billing department 8AM – 9PM EST Monday through Friday and 9AM – 5PM EST Saturday and Sunday.

How fast are servers setup?
Servers are setup as quickly as possible, most within 48 hours (Mon – Fri).  Windows OS’s can take a little longer due to Windows updates. Should any special orders or requests be made, the setup time can vary from 24-72 hours, but your salesperson will alert you to this prior to placing the order. Any delays in setup are notified to the customer as quickly as possible. We try to avoid delays of setups, keeping a vast supply of inventory on-hand, but delays in part shipments, etc. can at times lead to unexpected delays.

When do you charge for servers or additional services?
We will charge your credit card prior to initiating your requested service. All services must be paid in advance for its respective setup and first month’s fees, along with any licensing fees. We bill the credit card, immediately upon receipt, and then once approved, begin to fulfill the order.

How am I billed monthly?
You are invoiced upon each of the recurring billing dates attached within your billing file. You can receive multiple invoices monthly, or request our billing staff to adjust your invoices to one monthly billing date. Your CC is automatically deducted on the recurring monthly billing date that your service is due. You are also notified by e-mail of invoices paid via (our credit card processor) or PayPal.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards or debit cards. (Update: 2009, June 10), We now accept PayPal. Please contact sales on how to setup a credit card only payment and just mention in the comments field that you wish to pay via credit card.

Is there a discount for annual payment?
Yes, we currently offer discounts for 6-month payments in advance. If you wish to pay every 6 months, you will receive a 5% discount. Please make sure you contact Sales if you are interested in this discounted payment option. There are also discounts if payments are made via wire transfer. (3-month minimum)

How do I cancel services?
To cancel any services, you must use our cancellation form located here, with your Server ID # and Main IP. Cancellation requests must be made 14 days in advance of your cancellation date request. Any monthly fees paid up until that point will not be refunded, and any recurring invoicing within the next 14 days for that service will incur its normal monthly fees.

Our Policies

May I view your Terms of Service?
You can view all Hosting And Designs L.L.C. policies from within this link.

What if my site breaks your “acceptable usage policies”?
Please read the AUP in the link above for all violations of the AUP.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement?
Yes, the SLA is available during the ordering process or here, your order will not be processed until you have read the SLA. Placing an order verifies that you agree and have read all terms and conditions.

Can I host adult content?
Yes, we do allow adult content as long as it is 100% legal. Please note, that some support requests that require us to view web page content will not be acceptable. If we are informed of any illegal content on your servers, your server will be disconnected pending investigation.

Can I host IRC Services?
No, IRC is not allowed on our Network.

Technical Support

How is my server monitored?
Hosting And Designs L.L.C. monitors for abuse, vulnerabilities, and DDOS attacks and provides assistance in resolving these issues for clients if so requested. staff are notified via alarms, email, screen pop-ups, and outside sources if an issue occurs.

What if my server gets hacked or attacked?
We can perform a number of options for you based on the severity of the situation. Hacked servers are usually the result of utilizing a word for the root password, which can be found in the dictionary. We recommend that you use a combination of letters, lower case and capital, numbers, and symbols, in no specific order. If your site or server is hacked, contact our technical staff immediately, so that we can assist. Please remember, Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is not responsible for the content of your server, or its security, please update all necessary patches when they become available, and keep backups of your sites and content in the event all data is lost. If you require technical assistance please let our support techs know and we will be glad to help. Our security services are always highly recommended depending on your server admin skill level.

What if the hardware fails? is responsible for all hardware related issues. If there is a hardware failure, it is replaced and fixed for no additional charge the same day.


What type of support do you offer? offers technical support ticketing system. Emergency emails can be answered in just minutes and chat support in seconds if an operator is available. All servers all managed per client request for $20 per month, including; kernel upgrades, Apache / PHP recompile, name server setup, server control panel installation and setup, IDS, monitoring system and miscellaneous “level 1, 2 & 3” support requests.

What is your average response time to a ticket?
Tickets are replied to as quickly as possible. Normal response times are within minutes. Some problems take longer than others to resolve, and at peak time, we may receive multiple messages at once, so response times may vary. Reboots are given highest priority. Network status or service announcements can be found here:

What about software/service upgrades?
cPanel/WHM and Plesk comes installed to automatically update your software packages. If you opt to not choose CPanel or Plesk as a control panel, then you would be responsible for software upgrades. You may request our support staff to install or assist you with any upgrades or security. FTP SSD backup accounts are setup in 24 hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for the TSP setup and configuration.

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